Günter Grass Network Analysis


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.54.10 AM
Network Map of the the SPD during the 1969 West German Elections

This network graph is focused on conveying the importance of Günter Grass, the German-Kashubian novelist and essay in the process of the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) network in 1969, the year the SDP won control of the Bundestag and began the Grand Coalition with the Free Democratic Party, which lasted until 1982. Essentially, Grass did not possess a great number of connections – only about three. However, one is to Willy Brandt, the leader of the SDP and future Chancellor of Germany (Helmut Schmidt, who is also represented here would precede Brandt as Chancellor.) Through Grass’ connection with Brandt, he is able to express influence disproportionate to his relative connectivity.

This graph also includes the Chair of the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union Chairman (CDU/CSU), Kurt-Georg Kiesenger and Free Democratic Party (FDP) chairman, Walter Scheel. The intent here is to show the proximity Brandt (and therefore Grass) had to other political organizations.



  • A line denotes a connection
  • SDP members are in red
  • CDU/CSU members are in blue
  • FDP members are in gold



Grass, Günter. 1972. From the Diary of the Snail. Mariner Books.


Morgan, Roger. Nov, 1969. “The 1969 Election in West Germany.” The World Today. 25 (11). Pp. 470-8.


“Wahl zum 6. Deutschen Bundestag am 28. September 1969.” 2015. Der Bundeswahlleteir. https://www.bundeswahlleiter.de/de/bundestagswahlen/fruehere_bundestagswahlen/btw1969.html. Accessed May 7, 2016.


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