Günter Grass: Man Muss ins Herz Treffen

This interview with Grass, conducted by German newspaper, Die Zeit, is entitled “Man Muss ins Herz Treffen.”  Roughly translated, this means “One Must meet the Heart.”  Consequently, this interview is deeply personal and involves, among other things, the writing of Grass’ first full novel, The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel).  Further, Grass speaks on the topic of theater, a topic that Grass seldom is asked.  Among Grass’ most overlooked works are his plays, many of which were composed after The Tin Drum.


Günter Grass: Writing Against the Wall

Find here a lengthy (38 minute) video interview with Grass, conducted by Louisiana Channel.  Louisiana Channel is a Danish multimedia museum and archive whose literary mission is to document the thoughts of writers on the topic of writing.  In addition to Grass, they have interviewed Umberto Eco, Joyce Carol Oates, Patti Smith, and many others.

In this interview with Grass, Louisiana Channel probes deep: speaking to Grass on a large manner of things, including his involvement in the SS, Grass’ personal life, German reunification, the Holocaust, Grass’ feelings on his own works, and his writing process.  Grass also discusses his adoration of Albert Camus, Franz Kafka and Alfred Döblin.

The editor of this archive, Alex D. Cole, has transcribed this interview and his transcription can be found here.